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Catégorie : C - C++

Type de contrat : CDI

Rémunération : Depends on qualifications

Détail de l'offre : The company:

E-Scopics is an innovative medtech startup that aims to enable the democratization of the use of ultrasound to all healthcare professionals.

The first product of the company, currently being developed by our R&D team is a pocket-size digital “echoscope” connected to software apps, dedicated to specific clinical specialty. Our first target is to diagnose and characterize NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis).

Our ambition is to help healthcare professionals to detect pathologies, at the earliest possible stage using the benefits of AI, data science and dematerialization.

We are an engineering company, we are looking to challenge the status quo. We value diversity and cultural differences and we believe it offers the right environment for innovation.

Qualifications required:

We are looking for junior and senior candidates with a strong ability to innovate, with an interest to learn new languages and technologies. The candidate has a Master degree (or equivalent) in computer science or has enough working or personal experience in the domain.

C/C++ knowledge is mandatory, it is the core language used in the company. But knowledge in other general purpose languages (java, python, go, …) is greatly appreciated.

It is strongly encouraged to have knowledge and abilities in some domains that are critical for the company:

Android/iOS (NDK)
Javascript web frontend
User interface design

Micro-services (GRPC, REST)
Application backend

OpenGL / Vulkan

TensorFlow / Caffe / Others * Data
Healthcare (DICOM, HL7)
Ontology / Big Data

Driver development
Candidate speaks english fluently, french is a plus.


As a software engineer, you will participate in many software development projects, covering a large spectrum of domains:

Echoscope main app (data acquisition and processing, display, storage, user workflow and interface, ...)
Embedded software
Image processing
Healthcare data management

You will operate in one to many of those domains, depending on your preferences and your domain of expertise. You will collaborate with ultrasound engineer (eg. development related to the various insonification strategies) or with hardware engineer (eg. development of the hardware abstraction layer).

Your activities cover the full development cycle:

Specification document;
API Design and implementation;
Application development;
Unit test and integration test;
Deployment and maintenance;

As a junior engineer, you’ll receive support from senior engineers in order to help you ramp-up and grow.
As a senior engineer, you’ll manage contractors for some outsourced development.

The company is at the very beginning of its history, bring your talent and your will to participate in this innovative and challenging project; we will build the position for you.

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Nom de l'entreprise : E-Scopics
Adresse : 197 chemin du four de buze
Code postal - Ville : 13760 Saint Cannat
Téléphone : 0770382196